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We build custom CRM applications for Real Estate,  Mortgage, Insurance, Shipping Container Companies, Telecom, E-Commerce Stores, Government, Auto, Banking, and many more.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It ūüôā

The Search Market Firm is building a custom inventory management/logistics/account platform through Zoho Creator.


“I wanted to pull leads from a multitude of different places like Google, Facebook, Bing, Auction Lists, Dialers, and more and house them in one system for all of my marketing including social media.¬† ¬†The Transaction Platform has allowed my business to flourish online and for me as a realtor to stay extremely organized”

The Transaction Platform- Real Estate Marketing Platform-

The Search Market Firm also utilizes the custom build Transaction Platform for all of its marketing, invoicing, billing, CRM, social media and more.   We have built a custom CRM application for our marketing agency to show our employees how truly powerful the system.  Anyone who has used the system has given us raving reviews.

Many businesses can truly benefit from custom CRM development and CRM workflow automations. Once we will get your office's workflow automation, CRM, and computer systems working together flawlessly, you will be more efficent and productive. A solid CRM will help automate communications and mundane tasks, and free up valuable human resources to concentrate on other business needs. CRM's open API give us a chance to connect with any program that we want through API Development and advanced integrations. We will create software to help keep track your books, invoices, finances, inventory, advertising accounts, and so much more.

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CRM is our Bread and Butter

Through the advancement of recent technologies, companies and people are at the highest level of digital connectivity ever.   Companies demand and need cloud based technologies and CRM platforms that help automate their business processes.  Look at what happed with Toys R Us Vs Amazon, one choose to automate, the other did not.   Maximize and nurture your relationships through email, text, social media campaigns, call lists, behavior based triggers, and more.       A good CRM system should be the backbone of your business.  It should track leads and contacts from point of inception to funding.  We will automate communications and help guide the business on what it takes to become an automate powerhouse.   The CRM helps automate mundane back office tasks and keeps all of your contacts, accounts, clients, and deals organized.  TSMF will create workflow automations and help speed your organization up with the processing power of computers and cloud applications.   TSMS creates CRM applications for any vertical, just tell us what you need for a custom application and will show you through technology how to achieve your goals.

Custom CRMS- The Search Market Firm

The Search Market Firm builds custom CRM's to meet the needs of your business. TSMF will first need to get direction about your specific business processes to see where we best fit in, and what technology platform will suit you business best. We will complete a gap analysis to find any gaps in technology we need to fill. We will map out your entire application with advanced charting software, develop the solutions, test, implement, test again, train, and support. We are your one stop database shop. If you need a CRM let our expert CRM advisor setup a FREE consultation to explore all of your needs.

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