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Re-marketing and Retargeting Campaigns

After you spend precious dollars to generate a visitor to your website, what do you do to re-engage that exiting visitor to make a purchase?   With Google, Facebook and other tools we can create re-marketing campaigns and re-targeting campaigns to help keep your marketing message in front of your specific demographic and consumers over a specified time.

We will re-engage your visitors to keep delivering your marketing message to them.  Are you a Real Estate Agent and want to target anyone you have came in contact?   Would you like to sync everyone on in your database to your Facebook?  Let us help do direct target marketing  and help you brand your orginization up to to 20-50+ times over a 6 month period.     For Realtors we can even put digital flier ads on real estate blogs, home improvement sites, and other places that sell ad space.   For an autoshop we could send out coupons to anyone that visited their website 2 hours after they a person visited it.   We can create engaging smart call to action advertising that will help keep your clients engaged with your brand no matter what industry you are in.    Re-marketing helps an company with top of mind awareness, re-engagement to your main site, lead generation, branding, and more.  Let one of our Digital Marketing Masterminds show you how Retargeting Campaigns can create some of the best brand awareness in the most targeted of ways.


Do you have a product to sell?  Re-marketing works.

You you have an online shop where you ship products to people.  Say you sell bluetooth speakers.   We can setup online stores to record anytime when someone visits your Bluetooth Speaker Sales landing page.  We setup tracking codes to help know who visited your website.  Then we can run a special on only the website visitors that visited your bluetooth speaker  website that did not convert within the last 24 hours.   We then start a Facebook and Google Display network re-marketing campaign.    24 hours after the clients don’t buy the product we display coupon based ads that have a much stronger call to action than the first ad.   This time we offer a %25 discount, we noticed on Facebook we have a a 450% increase in conversions.   The re-marketing paid for its self 8x over.

Create Leads Then Re-Engage

Re-Engage Your Current Database Now

  • Create a lead
  • Call
  • Text
  • Email
  • Re-marketing Social Media
  • Re-marketing Google Display
  • Re-marketing through other sites

Engage Your Clients Across The Internet

  • Record clients IP address
  • Upload your database for marketing
  • Create compelling call-to-actions
  • Track and re-engage family, friends, clients
  • Run specials
  • Re-engage past clients
Social Media Marketing For Realtors

Track Your Clients Down Through Social Media

Tracking and engaging your clients through Social Media and through other websites the frequent can be the most cost effective marketing a company can do.   Companies spend so much money to generate a lead, then what do they do nurture that leads into a sales ready opportunity.

The Transaction Platform

The Transaction Platform connects the dots between Internet leads, lead aggregators, the sales team, social media campaigns, drip campaigns, and more.   When implementing a strong SEO and Internet presence you want to ensure you have a set system to make your marketing efforts consistent.

Email Marketing, Drip Campaigns

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