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Home Valuation Tools For Realtors
Home Valuation Tools For Realtors

A Web Design project to drive leads and marketing efforts though a custom designed Web Site, Google Adwords, a superb Home Valuation Tool, a Custom Real CRM, School Data, and more.

The Search Market Firm focuses one thing and it’s simple it’s (Return On Investment)  Do you know the actual Return on Investment on all of your marketing campaigns?   With the Transaction CRM you will be able to account from lead to funding each and every marketing dollar you invest in your marketing campaigns.

We created a nice Home Valuation tool to help create Seller Leads, Refiance Leads, Buyer Leads, and more.

TYPE  :  Promotion, Digital, Lead Generation, PPC, Analytics, Real Time Visitor Tracking, and Custom CRM Application.


DATE  :  April 2016

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