Zoho For Real Estate

The Transaction CRM
Powered by Zoho CRM A Robust Real Estate Platform

Zoho For Real Estate

The Search Market Firm LLC
is Launching A State-of-the-Art
Real Estate Lead Generation Platform
The Backend is powered by
The Transaction Platform Built in Zoho CRM

The Transaction CRM was built in Zoho’s Developer Console.  The Transaction Platform Is Your Trusted Source For Real Estate Lead Generation.

A Platform Built For Selling More Homes.

This is your all in one Lead to Funding Solution

Advanced Customized IDX/RETs Real Estate Website

Managed Lead Generation Services

Facebook And Instagram Real Estate Marketing 

PPC Marketing- Google Adwords

Email Marketing Automation

Advanced CRM Workflow Automations

SEO Automation/Content Marketing

Lead Nurturing

Relationship Building

Full Customizable CRM

One to One Email Marketing

Behavior Based Email Marketing

Drip Email Marketing

Complete Database Administration/Management

Marketing Work Flow Automation

 SMS texting

Conversion Tracking and Optimization

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Voicemail Drop Technology

Lead Mail Parsing Technology

Marketing Campaign Development and Tracking

Call, Event, Email, and Task Tracking

Full Project Management

Full Open API

Customer Integrations

Import leads from Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Boomtown, Real Geeks, Commissions Inc, And/Or Any Major Lead Source


Sign up NOW for A Free 15 Day Trial Of Our Advanced Zoho Real Estate CRM Solution.  

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Designed to take your real estate game to the next level, the power of this solution will ensure your company is on the absoulte cutting edge of technology, connectivity, and marketing automation

Keep ahead of the curve.
This is your all-in-one solution! 

If you are looking for the next level customized Zoho CRM for real estate then let us setup you up with the Transaction Platform Now!  This is the ultimate real estate platform built with the robust functionality of the Zoho CRM platform.   Our platform will help you stay more connected, and more marketing focused all while maintaining automation of the mundane tasks that eat up our days.  Find out what our platform can do for you now.   Try our Zoho real estate marketing platform risk free now…

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