Top 10 Tech Ninja Realtor Marketing Domination Techniques for Real Estate in 2018



  1. Set yourself up on Social Media, THE RIGHT WAY.   Make sure you have Social Media accounts on tall of the big social media networks.   Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter at minimum.   Make sure to provide quality content including pictures, videos, customer successes, key hand offs and more. Try to show the successes and paint the picture with your current clients and utilize their stories to market your business.   Use an automate social media poster like hootsuite, zoho social, social pilot, buffer and a slew of other programs that will allow you to handle all of your social media marketing from one platform, and post to multiple accounts and schedule posts with one to two clicks.


  1. Have your own IDX/Rets website– Do you really want to send your consumer to look at real estate on the top lead aggregation sites in the world like, Zillow, and Redfin?     These companies spend millions of dollars in marketing and make billions of dollars by selling your clients contact information to the highest bidder.   Send traffic to your own IDX/RETS website to ensure your clients are not on the biggest lead aggregation sites in the county. Protect your business… Sign your client up on your IDX website, get them registered, get your mobile app installed on their phones, get them using your site. Share your listings to social media from your own website.


  1. Setup social share icons on individual property webpages, sales funnels, and any content you would like people to easily access and share.   It seems like such a simple thing, but far too many times we see websites with no easy way to share the data and information on a particular property. People online are lazy make it a one click share.


  1. Setup custom real estate sales funnels depending on what types of customers and transactions you want to go after. Make sure to build a dedicated all in landing page and sales funnel that is customized for very specific Niche Markets. People waste so many ad dollars sending traffic to a weak or underperforming landing page or funnel. Spend the time and the money to make sure your sales funnel is achieving its optimal results.   You must work hard to master your sales funnel with Split testing, rearranging funnel steps, trial and error, consulting with professionals and more. Every niche and vertical has a completely different sales cycle so make sure to customize your funnels to maximize ad spend. Think about this. If you are spending $5,000 a month on advertising and you only spend say $50.00 a month on your basic cookie cutter website, do you think you are going to get the results you desire for your marketing spend?   More money in marketing is not always the answer. Do you know your conversion rates on your current sales funnel, and have worked diligently to optimize the results? If not you have a huge opportunity as a real estate professional.


  1. Offer irresistible content to capture leads. Everyone has heard the old saying “Content Is King” we have a new saying its called “Context Is King” Have quality content in context with what your demographic or niche is after.   Are you trying to sell houses to veterans? Think about how you can offer quality content to veterans for free in exchange for their contact information. Maybe create an e-book with the title “20 tips any veteran should follow when looking to buy a home” Or are you a multifamily guy.   “10 tips on how to really make money by investing in real estate.” The thing is quality content MUST be created and be in context.


  1. Create a dedicated newsletter and email marketing campaigns that ads value to your clients.   Create a dedicated newsletter to give clients information they need about buy a home, maybe feature your open houses, new houses on the market, niche investment opportunities, news about first time home buyer seminars, pocket listings, and more. Create a dedicated email nurturing campaign as well. When talking about email marketing first your need to segregate your clients into different categories and types of clients. So you can create dedicated drip emails for each of those different consumer types. You don’t want to send the same garbage email to your Buyers, Sellers, Home Valuation Leads, Commercial Clients Friends, Family, Relatives, ETC.   If you segregate your clients by different types, behaviors, wants, needs or desires you will be more likely to convert those clients if your content is matching the overall vibe of that individual client.


  1. Create A Listing In Google My Business. Have you ever wondered why some of the top realtors in your area come up on Google Maps when you are looking for a real estate office? They know the power of Google My Business. Every business owner in the country should register their business on Google My Business, make sure to put valid contact information as this will be shown worldwide when people are looking in your area for your real estate services.


  1. Utilize Video In All Aspects Of Marketing.   Have you ever used Facebook live when doing a walk through? Or have you utilized the power of Youtube to reach a broader audience and help you dominate your SEO niche? Video in any form is considered rich quality data by Google and by other search engines. If you make an effort to create and utilize video in your marketing you will be so better off as a realtor. Be fun, funky, unique, and most important consistent.   Simply do a Facebook live once a week going over industry news, or just be funny and silly. Video is a way to show your personality, show you are a human, and show you know your real estate game- Just don’t do all real estate blah blah blah crap, mix it up make it fun.   Try Facebook live, video from your i-phone, a custom professional video, drone footage, A motion graphic, anything extra to grab people attention especially on social media, and your own site/blog.


  1. Utilize re-targeting with Social Media and Google’s display network. Re-targeting or re-marketing creates excellent top-of-mind awareness, additional call to actions, branding, and more.   Did you know you can retarget some up to 30-90 different times over a 2-3 month period. Did you know we as marketers can upload your entire database into social media and track just those individuals in your database, or people that have visited specific pages on your website, instead of just doing a blanket marketing approach to a whole bunch of people that will NEVER buy real estate? Are you paying money to Zillow, Google, and not getting the conversion results you desire? Remarketing has proven to increase conversion rates in real estate from 1-5% in your overall conversion rates for the leads you generate. You spend so much money to generate a lead then what do you do call, text, email? GET SOCIAL AND GET ON RELEATED SITES your consumers visit everyday.


  1. Never try to do it alone. If you are not a digital marketer or have an extreme background in marketing, or even if you do, getting an outside professional point of view can really help you think outside of the box, or just having additional help can free you up to do other money making activities.   You may want to focus on what you are good at and that is selling real estate. Do you write algorithms and advanced script’s to compete against your biggest competitors based on statistical data, or are you guessing still?   A solid marketing company like The Search Market Firm, can help ensure your organization is doing what it needs to be successful with your sales funnels, websites, CRMs, Google Marketing, Social Media, Zillow marketing, and so much more. You focus on real estate let The Search Market Firm focus on the tech and marketing side of your business.