52 Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Real Estate Websites

Best Real Estate Websites On The Market For Conversions
What Makes Up The Best Real Estate Websites On The Market

When looking for the Best Real Estate Website on the market?

The best real estate websites should be 100% conversion focused.   Real Estate Website can be of the utmost importance to any realtor, and should be a true real estate lead generation machine.  An amazing real estate website should be the centralized hub to any realtors online marketing strategy.   Having a  high converting custom IDX/RETS real estate website will allow you the best opportunity to take you marketing game to the next level. This is a general guide in what to look for when deciding what real estate marketing solution is going to best for your business.

Here is a list of the top 52 things to consider the Best Real Estate Website Marketing Solution.

Whether you are developing your own realtor website, wanting to developer a brokerage site, or looking at hiring a Real Estate Web Design Company, let this guide help you through the advanced world of IDX real estate website and Real Estate web design.  We want you to make the best decision possible when it comes to you real estate marketing so we want to provide this guide as a free gift to you. Make sure to consider all of these options, and if you have any questions or additional items I missed please comment below now.

What makes the Best Real Estate Websites that convert traffic into closed transactions?

  1. First things First, NOT all Real Estate Sales Funnels Are Created Equal
    The best real estate websites on the market will have a combination of these features. 

  2. Should you go with a RETS Real Estate Feed Or A Standard IDX Feed?  IDX is considered an older technology now days RETS is quickly becoming the standard for multiple MLS board across the country.  IDX  (Internet Data Exchange) is how MLS listings end up on a website.   RETS also called Real Estate Transaction Standard is a Framework that is used int the United States and Canada by real estate companies and local MLS boards to facilitate the exchange of data on real estate websites.   
  3. Does the IDX/RETS solution offer forced registration?  For lead generation its important to be able to setup forced registration on the IDX listing pages so you can stop a person looking at real estate and have them fill out a form.  If driving paid traffic this is an amazing call to action that increases conversion rates by 600-1,000%.
  4. Is the system setup to track conversion from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, and other traffic?  With the best real estate websites on the web, their systems are setup to record conversions, and will have a way to setup conversion tracking 100% of the time..  Did the developers who created think about installing google conversion tracking codes, or did they consider a place to add the facebook event tracking pixel to the platform.  Is the system optimized, tested, split tested, and tested again to increase these conversions
  5. Is the system easy to integrate into other system or automate importing leads?  One of the biggest pains some systems have is they don’t have anyway to automatically import leads from popular lead sources, so you either have to upload a .CSV or manually add them which is a. complete pain.
  6. Is the real estate website mobile optimized? This day in age not only will Google penalize you search ranking if the site doesn’t preform well on mobile, its also the biggest traffic source on the internet currently and is growing at astronomical rates.  Ensure you website is fully responsive and looks and performs great on all browsers and devices.
  7. How fast is the Real Estate Website?  Google Pagespeed insights is one of the most valuable tools on the internet when it comes to be how Google views your website.  Constanly check your page speed to ensure its running at its optimal level at all times.  Nothing can kill website conversion quite like a slow website.  Think about this not all of the couyntry has blazing fast internet like you, so if the site is running slow on your connection than just think about how it will on a slower site or mobile device.
  8. Does the Real Estate Website offer a Home Valuation Tool? Home valuation leads can be one of the best tools to generate seller leads from a real estate agent.  Ensure your site has a home valuation tool to take advantage of this tremendous lead source.    We helped our friends at Cash Home Investors an Austin Real Estate Investment company to build a site about how to sell my Austin home fast and they have been having amazing results.  
  9. Does the system track traffic, visits, returns, etc.?  What good is a real estate website if you don’t know what is actual going on with it.  Are you able to track visitors and check buying signals based on website cues?
  10. What is the over all cost of the platform?
    Just because a Real Estate Website solution cost a lot doesn’t necessarily mean its the best solution.  For what some people are over pay for their platform alone could free up an extra $1,000-$1,500 in direct lead spend on google or facebook equaling up to 30-100 fresh exclusive leads.
  11. How does the system integrate into a CRM?
  12. Is the CRM solution easy to use
  13. Does Your Real Estate Website Solution have quality pre-created marketing automations?
  14. When managing your real estate leads does the system make it easy to text message your clients in bulk or automated?
  15. Does your real estate CRM allow click to dial, multiline dialing, or progressive dialing?
  16. Does the Real Estate CRM tie together Voice, Text, Email, CRM, Voicemails, Auto dialers?
  17. Does the Real Estate CRM allow Automate Voice Mail Drop
  18. Does the entire system allow you to achieve your highest level of connectivity?
  19. Does the Real Estate CRM allow you to track people’s social media profiles down?
  20. Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Does your system provide you with up-to-the date reporting measure your ROI on each different marketing campaign fully?
  21. Does the phone system have advanced Skill routing, easy phone routing options etc?
  22. Does the system allow inbound call tracking & IVR Systems?
  23. Does the phone system allow local caller id incase your are calling outside of the area?
  24. Does your CRM, Phone, other systems have additional usage charges or per text, call, or other hidden chargers?
  25. Does your system integrate with Social Media Marketing & Planning?
  26. Is your system mobile optimized so you can run your back office from your cell phone?
  27. Does your real estate CRM allow you to communicate flawlessly with your referral partners, loan officer, titles companies, and more?
  28. Does your system allow you to reach your leads in less than 5 minutes after they are generated?
  29. Is the system setup to maximize every single dollar spent by being 100% conversion focused?
  30. Does your system allow you to track the people in your CRM list down through social media?
  31. Does your system have tried and true auto responder setup and working properly?
  32. Does the Real Estate website solution Index each property for local SEO and other optimizations
  33. Does your Real Estate Marketing Solution have dedicated landing pages for Seller Leads and Motivated seller leads?
  34. Does your website solution have different landing pages?Real Estate Landing Pages
  35. Is your real estate website solution setup to maximize SEO exposure from the moment it was created?
  36. Does your real estate website solution maintain a keyword focus blog and on-going content strategy?
  37. Does your real estate marketing solution allow easy video integrations?
  38. What is the overall platform the real estate platform is on?
  39. Are you renting the rights to use to use the website, or do you own the asset?
  40. Does your website solutions utilize chat bots or live chat technology to engage people as they visit your pages.
  41. Does your real estate website utilize live exit intent popups to try to maximize the conversion opportunity of a visit?
  42. What does the property listing pages look like on the websites, are they warm and confortable or dry and boring?
  43. Pay close attention to how the website features the agent. Is it just on the Agent Page, or is the agent and agent contact information scattered throughout the website with call to actions to reach you.
  44. Does the real estate website solution create SEO optimized local pages for niche targeting for SEO?
  45. How easy is it to navigate through the site? Can a person just click around with a mouse without typing it is very easy to navigate? This is a huge problem in a lot of sites.
  46. Does the system allow a person to do a saved search, and does the system send new property updates to the client based on those saved searches?
  47. Does the website have advanced map search function that work flawlessly? Advanced Map Search Functions- Custom Real Estate Websites
  48. Does the entire site push for conversion in the entire setup from point on origin to navigation, and every page is built to convert?
  49. Does your real estate website solutions provide quality ancillary information such as. School District Data, Community Information, Financing Information,
  50. Does the site have local resources like moving companies, insurance agents, inspectors, contactors, appraisers, etc.?
  51. Does your real estate website offer high level recruiting messaging and make it easy for someone researching your company to work for you easy to do so?
  52. Does your real estate marketing solution offer customer review opportunities and reputation management?

In conclusion there are many different factors that make up the best real estate marketing websites.  If you want to loan about our real estate marketing solutions please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Facebook Marketing For Real Estate, 21 Ways To Generate Realtor Business


Facebook Marketing For Real Estate

21 Ways To Generate Realtor Business With Facebook


Facebook marketing for real estate


  1. Get Social- Facebook Marketing For Real Esate is the number 1 Social Media Platform hands down for realtors.  If you want to generate high quality real estate estate leads, then touch on your your Facebook Marketing Strategies now.
  2. DO create a dedicated business page for your real estate business. Make sure to have high quality photo’s and logo, put a nice description and highlight yourself as an agent.   As a realtor YOU MUST CREATE A BUSINESS PAGE FOR ANALYTICS and your business tracking pixel.
  3. Use your one time “convert to business page” feature facebook allows you  to automatically add all off of your personal contacts to your facebook business page and keep your personal page without touching it.
  4. Use Facebook’s demographic targeting to drive traffic to dedicated sales funnel and landing pages and to generate leads.
  5. Use Facebook to target homeowners with your home valuation tool.
  6. Utilize Facebook’s Tracking Pixel on every single website, landing page, and sales funnel created.   The pixel will give you a deep insight into your users and help close the loops of your client when re-marketing to your leads.
  7. Create a retargeting/re-marketing campaign. Target clients depending on what they were doing on your website. If someone is looking to sell their home don’t be sending them buyer ads or listings to look at.
  8. Utilize the deep rich demographic targeting for your lead generation campaigns. Did you know you can target homeowners that make over 100,000$ a year, in a specific location, that recently were looking at new homes online?
  9. Share you client stories online.  Facebook make top of mind awareness simple.
  10. Post client video testimonials of Facebook, paint the picture of how much of an amazing realtor you actually are.Facebook marketing for real estate
  11. Utilize Facebook groups to connect with more and more people.  Be a people person, find niche groups and make friends.  Sometimes post industry news and news worthy info in the groups, don’t over do it, but do do it.   Share often and share quality.
  12. Create a local Investor Facebook group.  Create a watering hole to meet new investors, find them on facebook, have regular meet ups.
  13. Create helpful tabs on your Facebook page that will redirect your clients into your sales funnels or websites.
  14. Don’t just like stuff all the time people are humans and like to communicate talk and actually comment on peoples posts, engage humans.   Comments and thoughts go so much further in social media that simply liking a post. Likes are one thing comments are whole different animal, try and see the results of engagement.
  15. Utilize the power of video, utilize Facebook Live to do walk through of homes to show off amenities. Utilize your phone camera to capture the fun times as a realtor.
  16. Use Facebook demographic targeting to promote open houses.  Target all of the neighbors within 1-2 miles of the house to help promote your open houses
  17. Use Facebook social share icons on your IDX website and sales funnels so people can easily share your house photos, events, properties, and more.
  18. We always recommend always having your listings on your own idx website on your own website and then you should share all of your listings with social share icons from your own website.  This way when people click on it it drive all the traffic back to your site increasing your SEO.
  19. Share interest and fun facts about the areas you are the expert in.
  20. Create and share local entertainment guides via Facebook.
  21. Utilize Facebook to promote first time homebuyer classes.  Invite people to it, use paid ads to drive more traffic, share to your friends lists and to your groups.
  22. Be fun quirky and weird.  Use social media to show off your personality.  People like people that are fun, loud, obnoxious, edgy, and more.
  23. Post and share fancy homes in the area that are not your listings. Talk about what’s on the market, what are hot deals. Create a following by making yourself an industry expert.


“What is a good mouse trap without any mice? What good is mice without a trap”

“Whats good is a mouse trap without any mice? What good is mice without a trap”

We often have wondered the same thing.  If we build a very nice “Mouse Trap” a website but we don’t send a bunch of mice through it, are we actually doing ourselves justice?

Most business have not figured out its a two step approach.  One is build the mouse trap, two is send as many mice through it as possible.

Build an amazing real estate website build for lead conversion= Mouse Trap

Send mice through= Google PPC Traffic, Bing, Facebook, Content Strategy, SEO traffic, Email traffic, Yahoo, Yelp, Pinterest, and more.

People ofter build a beautiful website, but then they don’t realize the time, energy, and hard earned cash it will actually get mice to the trap.

Mouse Trap= Conversion Optimized Website, Landing Pages, And Marketing Funnels.

Traffic= Google PPC, SEO, Email, Content Creation, Bing, Yahoo, Etc.

Let The Search Market Firm build you a proper mouse trap and help you help our mice buy the homes of their dreams.


15 Tips To Help Realtors Generate 20+ New Listing Transactions in 2018

15 Tips To Help Realtors Generate 20+ New Listing Transactions in 2018.


15 Tips To Help Realtors To Generate 10+ New Listing Transactions in 2018.

15 Tips To Help Realtors To Generate 10+ New Listing Transactions in 2018.

  • Create an all in dedicated websites to generate listing leads
    • Build a dedicated lead generation monster that will target every single person in your market looking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo when they search things like.   “Sell My Home Now, Sell My Home For Cash, Cash For Homes, What’s the Value of My home, List My Home, Sell My Rental House”
  • Utilize credit bureau data to collect lists of potential people that maybe willing to sell-
    • Prospect certain demographics, certain zip codes, certain income levels, loan to value’s and combinations of all of it, and then send direct mail to them, talk with your local loan officer to help you split the costs of the mailings as long as you are RESPA compliant.
  • Use Home Valuation Tools With Google PPC, Email Marketing, Facebook Demographic Targeting, & Pinterest to drive leads.  
    • Home Value Leads often can turn into two transactions, as the person will need to sell their current home and purchase a new one. As a realtor home valuation leads is a no brainer in 2018.
  • Explore Expired FSBO Listings and cold call the owners directly
    • Have a great script
    • Be genuine
    • Have fun- no one like cold calling use your personality and sell the appointment
  • Use Linked in to connect with your consumers
    • Add your clients to your linked in profile as soon as you come into contact with them. Add Information on linked in about selling homes, or experience you have helping others sell homes.
  • Blogging
    • In 2018 there is no better way to promote yourself and make your self an industry guru. Put our quality content, especially video, audio, and rich media format on your blog.  Google loves high quality relative content. If you don’t like writing pull out your cell phone and do recorded videos. Make sure to share content 1-2x per week to your personal blog. Make sure to share and have social share buttons on your blog so people can share your quality content in one click.
  • Use single call to action landing pages designed for lead generation for different niche clients.
    • If you are going after someone specific go all in on the landing page optimization and design. Make sure to speak to the traffic you are sending the best you can. Have expert real estate marketer’s help.
  • Create a dedicated sales funnel (Landing Page, Social Media, PPC, Email, Retargeting, etc) for Seller Leads for PPC and Facebook Marketing.
    • Creating and mastering the art of sales funnels is the basis of what we at The Search Market Firm focus on.   Creating product/ninche specific marketing funnels will be the one thing that will drive your business to astronomical levels.
  • Call and Door Knock Foreclosure list and home value leads with a list of investors and cash buyers on hand looking for deals. Leave door hangers if not home.
    • Have you ever tried to call a foreclosure list? It’s impossible when people get behind they are sometime dodging creditors, or overburdened by collectors calling. Go knock on their door and drop off an envelope with a written letter, business cards, etc.   Door knock, sell on the spot.
  • Focus on you sphere for relationship referrals.
    • Know who your top 10 clients and advocates are, make sure to contact and be a friend to these people. Send messages, buy stuff for, go to birthdays, invite to dinner. BUILD FRIENDS.
  • Host client parties and get together.
    • People do business with people they like, be the fun Realtor, take your clients out, entertain them, all the while building trust, and everlasting friendships.
  • Regularly attend the local networking events.
    • Great way to meet potential investors and people that may need help, also just a good way to get out and about in the community.
  • Network with local divorce attorneys.
    • When divorces happen homes commonly get sold or refinanced. Make sure to network with divorce attorneys to have a fresh source of leads for home sales.
15 Tips To Help Realtors To Generate 10+ New Listing Transactions in 2018.

15 Tips To Help Realtors To Generate 10+ New Listing Transactions in 2018.

  • Data driven direct mail campaigns.
    • Use the credit bureaus or the data aggregators to get specific demographic lists and do direct mail campaigns to offer to sell their homes.  Be smart and segment your target demographic in batches.
  • Behavior Based Email Marketing.
    • All email market your sphere, contacts, anyone you can put on your lists, get in front of you clients and provide quality content people like and will hopefully share. Create behavior-based triggers within campaigns to get a better user experience.
  • Use your active and pending listings to showcase your skills as a listing agent through social media.
    • If you just make the impossible happen Facebook Live about it or send it out on Instagram. Make posts that showcase your skills as a realtor not just sell sell sell. Show people why choose you and have some personality for god sakes.
  • Buy Listing Leads.
    • Contact professionals, pay the cash and get the high quality results. Generating leads on your own is extremely difficult especially when you are going against math drive companies like The Search Market Firm.  If you don’t have an extreme knowledge of Google, landing page optimization, social media strategy, CRM and ways to tie it all together, then let our knowledgable staff help.

Google Adwords PPC Mangement


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