Have You Mastered Your Real Estate Sales Funnel Yet?

Have You Mastered Your Real Estate Sales Funnel Yet?

Real Estate Sales Funnel 101

Do you have a true Real Estate Sales Funnel that is allowing you to sell as much real estate as possible by increasing your sphere of influence and marketing channels?

95% of realtors we come into contact with have never truly mastered a pristine Real Estate Sales Funnel for their business, we know this because they are still part of the 95%.  Realtors are still overpaying to buy the same leads Zillow, Trulia and Realtor generate and sell to the highest bidder.   Why not use similar Real Estate Sales Funnels the same way the large lead generation companies do.

Think about a different approach.  Create your own real estate sales funnel now.   Differentiate, Disrupt, Disturb,  And Dominate the market. The best way to maximize Real Estate ad spend revenue off of Google, Bing, And Facebook is to create highly targeted landing pages that are built for conversions.  Drive traffic to that landing pages via the main traffic sources out there like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing, Blogs, Bing, and more.   How do you think Boomtown, Real Geeks, Tiger Leads, Bold Leads, and all the major lead companies generate leads, they build niche sales and marketing funnels then drive traffic via Google paid marketing.

In order to be successful a Realtor in 2018 you must measure and optimize these real estate sales funnels continuously by completing A/B testing/split testing, landing page optimizations, content creation, dynamic keyword insertion, and more. Once you have built strong enough campaigns and have done plenty of split testing you should maximize your revenue and profitable depending on how much you are willing to risk to generate a transaction.  If you want to make sure you are not wasting large amounts of money make sure you work with a real estate marketing company that truly understands real estate sales funnels and real estate marketing.

The Search Marketing Firm’s Real Estate Marketing Funnel

How do you think Zillow and Realtor.com generate leads they to sell to you? They build robust real estate sales funnels and then funnel their to those funnels through all of the major traffic sources.  These companies vest heavily into their marketing automation funnels, landing pages, and squeeze pages, then they extract the lead information and sell it to the highest bidding realtor.

Would you like to know how to generate your own sales funnel and how to generate the same types of leads on your own without using the lead aggregators or buying a so called “Exclusive Lead” when they are far from that… Are you tired of just getting a partial zip code or wondering how that lead distribution algorithm really works?   If you are looking for listing leads, buyer leads, foreclosure leads, home value leads, multi-family leads or others lead contact experts to build you a personalized sales funnel. Make sure to select a company that knows real estate marketing and can take the guesswork out of the process. Teaming with a company like The Search Market Firm can help you achieve all of your real estate marketing goals and objectives and ensure your real estate sale funnels are preforming astronomical levels.

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