14 Ways To Leverage Instagram For Real Estate Marketing

Instagram For Real Estate Marketing A Realtors Guide To Instagram 14 Ways To Leverage Instagram For Real Estate Marketing.

When Instagram For Real Estate Marketing, Make Sure To Follow These Conversion Increasing Tips…  

  1. When using Instagram for real estate marketing, make sure to use only the highest quality of photos. Try to just remind people of what you do for a living, keep it fun and light, don’t sell, but use instagram to stay on the top of your customers mind.  Just remind them about what it is you do with content in context to your audience.

  2. If your going to perform instagram for real estate marketing try image enhancement services. Image Enhancement will take the quality of your photos to the next level, Instagram is very heavily focused on imagery and video, make sure your photos look as good as possible.
  3. Utilize your cell phone’s video camera to perform video walk though of homes.  Share and post these video walk throughs on Instagram.
  4. Utilize your cell phone or go-pro to do small video posts about significant places in the community you sell real estate in.   Be the community expert and what better, than to show your audience though rich video and pictures.  Not only be the Real Estate marketing expert in your neighborhood, but also really learn the area and know the schools, the favorite cafe’s, and more.
  5. Utilize Instagram paid adverting to direct target market consumers.  Use facebook’s adverting platform you can feed off of their advanced demographic targeting to people on Instagram.  Using Instagram you can make yourself a local celebrity for a small amount of money.  We recommend separate campaigns for Instagram vs Facebook to truly know what platform is delivering better results.
  6. Use Instagram to post client experiences and to tell client stories. The proof is in the pudding when it comes to showing people what you do. Don’t just sell sell sell. Give people quality content to follow, like and watch…. Paint the picture, be good at story telling and it will help you grow a huge following.
  7. Create MiniScripts and dedicated storylines for short video listings or hire a videographer.
  8. Use hyperlapse videos to showcase homes, discussions and hot topics when using instagram for real estate marketing.
  9. Record client testimonial videos on your Iphone at the closing table.  Record and document the key hand off and ensure you tag the clients in the post as well.
  10. Automatically add your posts to twitter and facebook at the same time you post on Instagram.  Using a social media marketing tool like hootsuite or our zoho social to push these posts to multiple platforms.
  11. Be simple and unique and use your camera on your smart phone to record Tips or tricks for clients. Post Instagram Real Estate Marketing content at-least once every week.  Take 15 minutes to record content to share.
  12. Take advantage of relevant hash tags.  Make sure to #hashtag your posts in Instagram, it will help your content get found when people are looking up hash tagged content.
  13. Make sure to like and comment on other user posts. Social media is a two way street make sure you engage with people as well.
  14. Utilize professional digital marketing agencies like The Search Market Firm.  TSMF will help you grow your Real Estate Instagram Page to an astronomical level.  Want to get thousands of followers on your instagram in a VIRAL type Manner?

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